Wishlist Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Before I begin, I wanted to share my beautiful Social Media buttons with y’all below! It’s the middle widget at the bottom of my blog. I feel so tech savvy now. 😉 And a big thanks to Simply Brenna for the buttons. She has some pretty rad posts and shares quite a few ‘freebies’! Be sure to click the links below and follow!

In honor of alliteration, I present to you, Wishlist Wednesdays here at Wonderful World of Beauty! Today is the day I share all the things I wish I had…and hopefully in the future will have! I have a feeling the majority of these lists will be makeup products, but don’t be surprised if you see a ton of random other things!


Revlon Color Stay Shadow Links

Okay, so my store is out of a few colors, but you get the point. These eye shadows were one of the best things Revlon has created! I say that only owning two of the colors, so I can only imagine how amazing all the others are. If you’re wondering which ones I want, I want them all. Collect all 24, right?! I own ‘Bone’ and ‘Plum’. ‘Bone’ is a very pale cream color. It goes on very smooth and gives such a soft effect. It’s the perfect color to use as a base since it is a matte color, as opposed to ‘Oyster’ which (if I remember correctly) has a more shimmery look. ‘Plum’ is pictured above in the second row, all the way to the right. It is a very deep purple which I have used for a purple smoky eye (once again, sorry for lack of camera to take good photos). The only downfall I can think of when it comes to this shade is that it does take quite a few layers to give you that deep purple coloring. It’s not as greatly pigmented as some other colors I have, but I still love it.
The thing I love most about these shadow links is exactly that. They link up. It’s the neatest thing ever!
YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PALETTE! You can buy whatever colors you want and put them together in whatever order you want! The hardest problem I have when it comes to buying palettes is not really caring for some colors but really liking others. This way, you don’t have to deal with that. Revlon was all, ‘let them decide what they want!’ and I was all, ‘here, take my money!’
There’s one that is called ‘Seafoam’ that I really want to try out, especially for summer time. The ‘Copper’ and ‘Gold’ shades look like they will be great so I’m excited for those ones, too. ‘Blush’ is a really soft pink (I’m talking about pink again; who am I?!) that I’m wanting to get because it’s a matte color but I’m afraid the pigmentation won’t be as great as the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow I have.

Covergirl’s Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara

I have to admit, if Covergirl wanted you to judge their products by the packaging, they have succeeded. The bottle is pretty big and quite flashy, so it definitely caught my attention when I first saw it. Now I see it so much I just want to get it and try it. I have used L’Oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer mascara exclusively since August and I really do love it, but I’m looking for something even bigger and better. I’m just hoping Covergirl’s Bombshell mascara can be that for my lashes. I have also never used a mascara that had more than one step to it so that will be interesting to experience. I can’t say that I’m a Covergirl user since for some reason, I have never had the urge to try any of their products. If this mascara is everything I hope it is, I’ll definitely be willing to try more of their products.
That is one of the best photos I ever got with the L’Oreal mascara. It really does work wonders if you have the patience to spend 10 minutes putting mascara on. Curl, apply, curl, apply, repeat, repeat, repeat. So the L’Oreal one is great and I don’t mind spending the time on my lashes, but I’d love to find a product that doesn’t take so much time and attention. (Okay, just writing all of this has made me want to go back to Wagreen’s and buy the Bombshell mascara right now.)

Naked Palette (and Naked 2) by Urban Decay
Image Image
Okay, y’all. I really just want to know what all the fuss is about. I have so many palettes and eye shadows with colors similar to, if not the same as, these. So what is all the fuss about!? The girl who did my makeup for my wedding used colors off of this palette and my makeup was amazing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get these colors another way, and for a lot less money. And maybe that’s my problem, the fact that these palettes run for $52. I just cringe at that! I’m not cheap, I do know that spending a little more money for some things is worth it in the long run, but I don’t believe you have to sacrifice your wallet for makeup. Or maybe I just find that drug store makeup is such a steal. Who knows? But yes, someday, I wouldn’t mind trying these out but I’ll have to be in a better financial position to do so…or it will have to go on super sale.

If anyone has ever used any of the products above, please leave your feedback below! Did you like them? Not like them? If you’ve tried them but there’s a better, similar product, be sure to let me know! Also, suggestions are strongly encouraged!

Other things:
This set I made on Polyvore about a year ago. I have always wanted a dress like that. Please, get into my closet. I don’t have a lot of green accessories (and by not a lot, I mean none) but if I did, I would want them to be these things. And paired with that lipstick and nail color. *swoons*
Random things from my Pinterest. Oh, immaculate shoes, dress, and closet, please be mine.


And to conclude this post, I wish I had my long hair back.
And…world peace.