Everything You (probably don’t) Need To Know About Me

Trying to think of how to not make this a boring ‘bio’ is taking longer than it should.

My name is Kelly. I’m happily married to a wonderful, burly man with a kickass beard. We met five years ago and have been happily married for about four months (do we still qualify as newlyweds?). We live in the greater New Orleans area and are parents to the best dog in the world, Ruby. She always looks like she’s judging you when she looks at you which can be intimidating. But then you remember how cute she is and it doesn’t matter anymore. We’ve tried explaining to her that she can’t look at people like they’re stupid but I think there’s a language barrier or something. She is hands down the best cuddle buddy and I have come to terms with the fact that no outfit is complete without a little (or a lot of) dog hair.

I work at Walgreen’s as a Beauty Advisor and would eventually like to have proper/professional training in all things beauty. Until then, I’m going to continue to learn on my own and continuously throw myself into moments of trial and error.

I also enjoy writing, rearranging our apartment, and the existence of Netflix.

I plan on doing a lot of reviews of various products (lots of makeup; expect a lot of makeup posts), sharing inspiration, and pretty much sharing anything I think may be useful or helpful to any visitors.

This message was brought to you by an eclectic woman with a passion for feeling beautiful.