Where have you been?

JK, I’ve been under a rock for God knows how long. Carnival season is over in a week and these parades have been taking over my work life. My store is on the parade route so we’re usually pretty crazy busy during the parade and nothing else is able to get done so it’s catch up time during the week and I keep picking up shifts to make more money so I don’t get much time to focus on blog posts and this sentence is way too long.


So what to talk about today? Hmmmm… I thought I’d just share some of my favorite makeup (and a couple hair) photos from the last year and talk about my favorite features from each.




This is the first time I ever truly styled my hair. And I think it came out pretty awesome! My bump is a little uneven, which I’ve always have a problem with. Whenever I show someone this photo, they’re always surprised at how simple it is! And I’m not talking Pinterest-do-all-80-steps-and-then-hope-for-the-best simple, I mean seriously simple. So, I started by teasing my hair so there was some nice volume. I took pieces from the sides and brought them to the back and bobby pinned them (as you can see above the braids). After this, I just braided my hair into pig tails towards the front (so the braids sit on my chest, and not on my back) and tied them off with small pony tail holders. Then I took the braid and brought it back, did a figure eight against my head with it and tucked the pony tail underneath (with each braid). Load up on bobby pins, ladies! Spray it off with some Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play hair spray and conquer the world! (Or the day, whatever.) I know it may be difficult to visualize how to do this without actually seeing it happen, but I promise it is really easy and I just came up with it one day when I was bored. This photo is from Easter last year. If there’s interest, I will try to recreate this look on a friend and take photos step by step and post a tutorial.




Eyebrows. That’s all.




My first and only nude lipstick! I fell in love Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate line after getting this lipstick. This is #113. It is a great matte nude and also is great to use as a base lipstick to lighten another lipstick. I own 5 (I think) lipsticks from this line and really do love them! They go on so soft and do last pretty long (it’s hard to say though because I compulsively reapply my lipstick/gloss whenever I get the urge). I definitely recommend these lipsticks to everyone! Plus, they are fairly inexpensive.




I love this lipstick. It’s Covergirl’s LipPerfection Lipstick in Sweetheart. It looks like a very soft, shiny pink in the bottle but it is brighter than you would think when you apply. But that’s okay, because there’s ways to tone it down! (Like the nude lipstick from above!) This line of Covergirl lip products is amazing. I also have Euphoria which is a deep burgundy color, and a very nice pinup red which I don’t have the name of because it’s too worn out on the bottle. I like to pick these up whenever there’s a BOGO sale on them! I’m also wearing the Covergirl Bombshell mascara! I have become obsessed with it. It. Is. So. Amazing.




I don’t really remember any of the specifics for what makeup I have on in this photo. But to anyone visiting the House of Blues, hit up that bathroom and take a selfie. Because if the lighting in every HOB bathroom is the same, you’re photo will look like this (except, you know, with your own face). This is from December when Rob and I went to see Third Eye Blind (the tickets were his wedding gift to me) for the second time. 🙂




The first time I really wore any girly pink makeup. I have on Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink and Avon’s Country Rose (I’m 99% positive it was this shade) lipstick! You can shop for it online here!




Sometime’s a black and white photo can make any makeup desirable. I usually opt for B&W when my makeup doesn’t look good in any Instagram filters, but sometimes that’s when it really looks amazing. I was definitely wearing a red lipstick but as I have about 15 of those, there’s no telling which one it was.




The rags to riches photo collage. This was from a few days ago. The left is when I had just woken up and the right was about five hours into my work shift. Once again, I’m not sure which red this is. I think I should do a post where I feature all of my reds and show you what they all look like on. I knew this day would come… 😉




Last but not least, the glory that was my New Year’s Eve makeup this year. My friend hosted a Gatsby themed party and it was so much fun to do my hair and makeup! This is Avon’s Cherry Jubilee lipstick, a lot of different eye shadows, and my L’Oreal False Fiber Lashes mascara. I’m wearing the Maybelline FIT blush in Deep Coral. This is the blush I wear pretty much every day. I might do a separate post on this hair and makeup style as I took a lot of photos and even made my own head piece for the night!


That’s all I’ve got for y’all! There are so many more photos on my Instagram (link below) and I post my makeup/hair pretty much every day. For the most part, the style is all the same but every now and then I like to switch it up. 🙂 Hope this was fun and educational for everyone!


Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about any of the photos above. As always, it is a pleasure to have you here and I hope it won’t take me too long to get another post out!




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